Light. Refracted.

Artisan Glass carries a wide selection of distinctive qualities to add a touch of elegance to your interior and exterior design. Unique patterns and textures can be featured in various design applications to add obscurity for privacy or for decorative use as a primary design element.  Some common design applications include cabinet glass inserts, doors, door inserts, shower enclosures, railings and partitions, glass furniture, privacy windows, accent windows, and more. Pattern glass can be fabricated into various forms of safety glass such as insulated glass units, tempered glass, and laminated glass. All of our glass product is available in sheets or cut to size.

“The pattern that gets embossed on to the glass is great for providing the desired privacy. For this reason, it can be installed just about anywhere that needs privacy. In addition to privacy, there is no loss of artificial or natural light and allows light to easily pass through the glass. If tinted it creates a beautiful and colourful presentation throughout a space. The patterns, size, shape, and depth are what determine the degree and course of the reflection of light.”

Patterned Glass

Handcrafted Glass

Wire Glass

Custom Artisan Glass

“When the light passes through the patterned glass, a diffusion phenomenon will occur which will deform the image of the object inside. People stand at different distances from the glass to observe the room, and the images of the objects they can see appear different. As the distance from the patterned glass increases the image of the object seen becomes more and more blurred. Due to the different patterns of the patterned glass the image of the objects passing through will also be different. Because glass has this characteristic using it as window glass will not affect the indoor lighting effect. It simply refracts the light in different directions to obscure the vision thru the glass.”

Custom Artisan Glass

Prism Interests, LLC offers a wide range of custom options for our existing products. From artistic color options to unique shapes to specialized patterns or textures, we offer support limited only by imagination. There are an unlimited variations on our patterned glass designs. There are also endless design opportunities for customized patterned glass designs such as logo incorporated patterns. We have the ability to m ill custom stainless steel and cast iron molds for any specialized pattern. We also offer historic, industrial, and creative steel and wood framing for custom window units or privacy screening systems. Please fill out our custom quote form or send us a  message to discuss.

“Wired glass is essentially float glass that has steel wire mesh embedded within the pane. The wired glass manufacturing process begins in a solid state with several steps necessary to properly prepare the glass and metal for fully fusing the together. The sheet of wire mesh is basically infused between two layers of molten glass. Special attention is given to cooling down the glass during the annealing process.”

Prism glass is a transparent and translucent architectural glass used to redirect light into interior spaces through refraction. Our patterned design provides one smooth side and the other side formed into sharp-edged ridges which reflect the light that passes through the glass. Our wire mesh design provides 2 smooth sides with various wire mesh patterns fused with the glass. Our Handcrafted textured glass provides a creative way to diffuse light creating curiosity and privacy. All of the types of glass we create and manufacture are unique to themselves. Our goal is to also make our glass unique to our clients and their environment with multiple hybrid options available. The patterns and style harmonize with any design preference from traditional, historic, and contemporary architecture. Prism Glass Company | Prism Interests, LLC