Prism Interests, LLC – ARTISAN GLASS

The influence for creating Prism Interests, LLC began around 10 or so years ago when we were looking for someone to help create exterior transom window and interior partition prismatic patterned glass. While going thru the restoration process for some 1920’s Pullman railroad cars we came to find no one could or was making this type of process. We met with a wide range of glass professionals during this exploration process with out much success. So, we decided to test the process out ourselves.

The Pullman train glass panes were originally design by Frank Lloyd Wright. After extensive research into the process used, we decided to refine it and look to create this art glass with the use of custom milled molds. Once we made the appropriate modifications we realized there were so many other potential uses for products that were not available. We began building up a product line representative of prismatic glass patterns, wire infused glass, and handcrafted patterned glass.

We are not new to the glass profession. Our members have over 30 years experience in the glass arts. One of our founders, who is also an architect, began blowing, fusing, and slumping glass in 1993. Another has decades of experience in the manufacturing process. We created Prism to combine the best of both professions and provide you with an art glass product unparalleled and unavailable in the glass industry until now.

Prism glass is a transparent and translucent architectural glass used to redirect light into interior spaces through refraction. Our patterned design provides one smooth side and the other side formed into sharp-edged ridges which reflect the light that passes through the glass. Our wire mesh design provides 2 smooth sides with various wire mesh patterns fused with the glass. Our Handcrafted textured glass provides a creative way to diffuse light creating curiosity and privacy. All of the types of glass we create and manufacture are unique to themselves. Our goal is to also make our glass unique to our clients and their environment with multiple hybrid options available. The patterns and style harmonize with any design preference from traditional, historic, and contemporary architecture.

We work closely with our clients to ensure their vision is realized and expectations exceeded. Our team of professionals manufacture every piece in house from start to finish, maintaining uncompromising quality for our creative architectural art glass products.