Textured Glass Description: Adding textured glass to your kitchen, doors, or bathroom is a great way to create an impact. Patterned glass texture for kitchen cabinets or bathrooms shower doors proves to be a perfect fit by showcasing personalized touch and additional privacy. Where other types of decorative glass fail to catch the eye, textured glass provides a simple yet elegant feel. With the design only being applied to the surface, you are still left with beautiful infused kitchen cabinets.

Types of Textured Glass: Types of textured glass range from antique style, grain, seeded glass to trendy rain glass, or reeded, or glacier glass. The types of textures is endless. Here are some examples of the textured glass we have worked with recently.

Product Available Dimensions
Seeded 4×4″
Available in 1/8″, 1/4″, and 1/2″ Nominal Thickness 10″x10″
  Custom sizes and molds offered