Loose Grid

Wire Glass Description: Monolithic wired glass is rolled, polished, annealed glass with a layer of wire embedded in the middle. Historically, wired glass was used in locations where an “appearance” of security was sought, for example, in jewelry display cases and museum displays. It has also been used in skylights to prevent broken glass from falling into a room or onto walkways in the event of breakage. The primary use of wired glass was in locations that require fire-rated construction materials. However, today many building owners are utilizing the unique wire infused glass for a variety of design situations. In the past several decades architects and interior designers have begun using this glass in unique design situations. Additionally, our wire glass products are customizable so as to obtain approvals for the renovation in a landmark setting from historic and preservation authorities.

Types of Wire Glass: Our standard wire infused glass products include chicken and pheasant wire; both steel and stainless steel. Due to popular demand we also offer a wide variety of other types of metal infused in our glass such as wire mesh, expanded metal, patterned steel to name a few. We offer success with embedding most types of wire mesh and wire product in our glass. Provide us a sample of what you are wanting to infuse in glass and we will run testing to supply you with a customized wire glass product.

Product Available Dimensions
Loose Grid 4×4″
Available in 1/8″, 1/4″, and 1/2″ Nominal Thickness 10″x10″
  Custom sizes and molds offered